Testing your website

So your website is ready and it’s time to launch. Congratulations! But the hard work isn’t quite over yet. Before you hit that launch button, take some time to go over your website one last time and make sure nothing has been missed.

. . .

Here is a checklist that you can use before you launch to catch any of this last minute niggles.

1. Try all links

Everywhere you see a link, click on it and make sure it goes to the right place. You can also use a link checker tool to get a list of any broken links.

2. Check spelling

An obvious one but please don’t miss it out. Make sure you read through your website and look for anything spelt incorrectly. Especially words that a spell checker may not pick up (e.g. toy instead of to).

3. Check consistency

While you’re checking your website for spelling, have a look for consistency too. For example, are you saying website or web site. Do you use Title Case or sentence case? Pick one and make sure it’s used throughout.

4. Test functionality

Test out any contact forms, shopping baskets or search boxes throughout your website. Are they doing what you expected?

5. Have a look on a couple of browsers

It’s always a good idea to have a look at your website in a couple of different supported browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Things will look different, that’s inevitable, but check nothing is drastically wrong.

6. Resize your browser

Resize your browser to see how your website reacts to different viewpoints. Notice anything amiss? Screenshot and tell your designer (include which browser you’re using too).

7. Try your website on a phone or tablet

Have a play around with your website on your phone or tablet, does it works well with touch rather than click?

8. Do you have access to analytics

Make sure you know how to access your analytics so you can keep tabs on which pages people are visiting on your website. If you don't, ask your designer or developer to help you set it up.

9. Are all your social accounts up to date

A website launch is a great time to make sure all of your social media accounts are using consistent branding. Don’t forget to tell your followers about your upcoming launch (you could even offer discounts or freebies to celebrate!)

10. Do you have some blog posts lined up?

You’re going to have your hands full promoting your new website for a while so it’s a good idea to have a few blog posts lined up that you can publish over the next few weeks. (This is not including the 5 or 10 you’ve already got on your new website though - sorry!)

. . .

You did it! You should feel very proud because now you’ve completed this checklist you’re all set to launch!

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