Your role in the project

A lot of clients think that they should stay away from the design process. They often don’t want to ‘influence creativity’ but you actually have a much bigger role in the success of a project than you may think.

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Here are some ways you can get involved with your project.

Be the expert

No matter how good your designer is, you’ll always know more about your business than them. Of course you should expect your designer to do their research but your experience is much more valuable than most things they can dig up.

So don’t be afraid to give context to everything. Even if you think it’s not relevant. Because the more your designer knows about your business, the better equipped they’ll be to create solutions that are tailor made for you.

Use every opportunity that you can to talk about your business. Unless you’re a designer, your strengths don’t necessarily lie in design. But that’s ok, because you’ve hired an expert, right? Play to your strengths, and let your designers play to theirs. Between you you’ll come up with something that both looks great and works for your business.

Manage your team

It’s also your job to get your team in order and decide who is responsible for what. It’s best to set roles at the very start of the project and clearly state who is responsible for signing things off.

If that person is you, you need to be involved in the whole process. Because you will really struggle to come in periodically through the project, know what’s going on and be able to make informed decisions.

If you’re super busy, it’s better to give someone else the authority to sign off design work and trust them that they’ll do the job well.

Give feedback in a timely manner

If you’re working with an external designer, chances are they’ve booked out a set amount of time to work on your project. They may well have work lined up straight after yours is completed.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to be realistic at the start of a project how long you need to provide feedback so your designer can factor it into the timeline and ensure deadlines are met.

Ask questions

When working on a project, feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Questions usually lead to better results than asking for a specific change.

Don’t worry about annoying your designer - I guarantee they’ll be thrilled that you’re taking such a keen interest in the why’s behind their work.

. . .

Overall your role in a project is a big one. Sure, you’re hiring someone to create a website or a brochure but without your input and knowledge, the project won’t be half as successful as it can be.

So get stuck in!

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