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Web App Design, User Experience

Sometimes when you visit a new place it’s the unexpected gems that you stumble upon that give you the best experiences. Sure, you saw the National Gallery of Art & Design but who’d have thought the Museum of Bad Art (yes that’s the best, worst art) would turn out to be far more entertaining and memorable?

The challenge

There are many museums in the world that you may never visit. This is because these smaller museums don’t have the budget or resources to manage an online presence. How can we level the playing field and put these amazing museums on the map?

The solution

We designed a web app that not only appeals to museums as a place they’d like to showcase themselves, but to the public who are looking for fun things to do. We achieved this with a bright, user friendly design & many quirks along the way.

The result

KiwiJar is an app that is meant to be played with. It needed to be easy for people to not only find something very specific but also to keep exploring and finding some interesting places they may never have come across before.

It was important that the design was bright and appealing but it also needed to be ridiculously easy to use to enable more people to get involved and write reviews. 

If you’re interested in being one of the first to use the app when it’s live make sure you sign up here.

“There are plenty of designers out there but very few of them can work alongside a developer with such harmony and still create outstanding designs like Laura. If you get a chance to work with Laura, make sure to take it. You'll be thrilled. — Luis Vàzquez, KiwiJar

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